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What to Do If a Dental Crown or Bridge Is Loose

July 23, 2021
Posted By: Smile Station
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If you have a loose crown, bridge, or other restoration, it is important to contact your Paducah, KY dentist for treatment and adjustments as soon as possible to avoid complex dental work.

Leaving your restoration loose—chewing around it—can cause bacteria to invade, loss or breakage of the restoration, and even fractures of your tooth.

Temporarily, you can apply a denture adhesive into a loose crown to keep it stabilized until your dental appointment.

Dental Restorations of Paducah, KY

A dental restoration is anything used to restore a tooth. For example, it could be that you have a tooth-colored filling after cavity treatment. This restoration closes your tooth and prevents bacteria from entering. If your filling is damaged, we recommend keeping the area clean until you see the dentist.

A tooth crown near Reidland, KY is a cap that goes over a weak and treated tooth. When the crown loosens, it allows bacteria to enter, which causes dental problems and may result in loss of your crown and the underlying tooth.

A bridge is a restoration tooth housed between dental crowns. The crowns cover healthy adjacent teeth and allow the restoration to fill your smile gap. When this becomes loose, it is typically because the crowns need adjustments in our dental office.

Lower Your Risks for Loose or Broken Restorations

It’s important not to grind and clench your teeth, but sometimes this happens during sleep. It is called bruxism. If you suspect bruxism, call your dentist for instructions.

Another important way to lower your risks is to avoid biting on ice or other hard objects and be sure to visit your dentist regularly for checkups and teeth cleanings.

Contact Your Dentist Today if You Have a Loose Restoration

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