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Reasons Why People Are Afraid of the Dentist

July 26, 2021
Posted By: Smile Station
woman afraid in the dental chair

Your Paducah, KY dentist wants to help you get the dental care you need, even if you are afraid of treatment.

At Smile Station Family Dentistry, we have a unique understanding of dental anxiety and phobia. For this reason, ours is a judgment-free dental office, where the only focus is on providing gentle treatment and helping those who are afraid get the dental care they need.

Let’s explore some of the reasons you may be nervous and how we can help.

Dental Anxiety in Paducah, KY

In some cases, dental phobia and anxiety stem from a past experience. For example, maybe you had a dentist who was not kind or a team member who did not listen. Maybe a past dental treatment was rough and painful.

Fortunately, modern dentistry has come a long way, and we can implement the latest techniques to give you the gentlest treatment possible—and we are always kind!

Dental phobia can also stem from fear of the unknown, which is why we take our time to make sure you’re relaxed and comfortable. We can also let you know what we’re doing as we proceed with your treatment. This way, there are no surprises, and you know just what to expect.

Another popular reason for dental anxiety is embarrassment. If fear has kept you from the dentist, you may be afraid that your teeth and gums are in such disrepair that the dentist will be angry or that you may be judged.

With our team, you’ll never have to worry about these things. We understand when fear keeps patients away from the dentist and how that can impact their teeth and gums.

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