Our Core Values

Smile Station Family Dentistry

At Smile Station, our culture is built upon our core values:

Friendliness: being hospitable to all patients and to one another by investing time, conversation, and trust in all who walk through our doors.

Helpfulness: offering unconditional support to team members and patients, pushing ourselves to assist others to reach successful team outcomes.

Quality: we strive to provide our patients and our team with the highest quality dental treatment and environment.

Caring: many of our patients come to us not feeling their best, it's our job to make them feel better without any judgment.

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Smile Station Family Dentistry

Dental Assistant

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Office Manager

Smile Station Family Dentistry

Dental Hygienist

A Day at Smile Station

Our team is caring, productive, driven, fun, organized, and confident.

A day in the life at Smile Station would include the following tasks:

  • Arriving no later than 8am, or 7:30 on sedation days.
  • Creating and fostering positive relationships with our patients.
  • Working in an office that values team success over individual success.
  • Working with a driven team.
  • Caring for patients who are self-conscious about their appearance and are looking for support.
  • Improving on daily essential tasks.
  • Supporting your team by performing all your tasks and assisting with tasks not in your description if needed.
  • Completing opening and closing duties.
  • Other duties as determined by Owner-Dentist.
Smile Station Family Dentistry

Join Our Team

Smile Station is passionate about supporting our community. We care about the well-being of all those in our area and are invested in helping to improve its future. From being active in our community, restoring old buildings, and volunteering, our team finds that dentistry is just one part of supporting Paducah. Join our team and you join a group of people who work hard to genuinely improve the lives of everyone who walks through our doors.

Smile Station Family Dentistry