Dentures & Partials

Most people love the fruits of modern technology—using advanced mechanization to make things efficient, faster, simpler, and cheaper than ever before. In addition, there’s the novelty that comes with exploring something new and innovative. Modern dentistry also puts itself at the forefront for high-tech equipment, but every dentist still falls back on classic tooth replacement: dentures.

At Smile Station Dental Care, we help patients enjoy their natural smiles through preventive dentistry, dental checkups, exams, and at-home oral health routines. Still, natural aging, genetics, lifestyle, and more can easily catch up to us in the form of necessary dental extractions. If this is the case, we can rely on dentures to restore missing teeth comfortably and reliably.

Paducah, KY patients don’t have to change their daily routine or foods they can eat when living with dentures. Any changes to facial contours are returned as dentures fill out the cheeks and lips and put an end to facial sagging.

Did you know that each tooth we have fulfills an essential role and function—from biting down and tearing, to helping with speech, to the balance and harmony of your smile. Removing one component can cause discomfort, embarrassment, and a disruption to the quality of your life. 

Patients Can Choose From Three Types of Denturesolder couple smiling

Dr. Scott Bridges offers three types of dentures: complete, partial, and implant-supported.

We recommend partial dentures for patients who have remaining teeth that we can attach to the dentures. Complete or full dentures are ideal for patients who have a full arch of removed teeth.

We offer implant-supported dentures for a permanent bond that will not slip or fall out.

Modern dentures are durable, comfortable, and reliable. Dr. Bridges starts the dental procedure with a routine dental checkup and exam to determine if you are a good candidate for dentures.

Caring for Your Dentures

Dentures do not require an extensive or complicated cleaning process. They are easier to keep clean than you might think!

Patients should wash their dentures and rinse their mouth after meals, so food particles do not get trapped underneath. 

At night, dentures should be removed and gently brushed using a specialized denture soap as toothpaste may be too abrasive. Dentures should never dry out and should be allowed to soak in a denture solution or water.

By taking care of your dentures, you can enjoy full dentures for five to ten years, partial dentures for five to 15 years, and implant-supported dentures for life.  

Revive Your Smile Through Denturesolder couple smiling

Don’t limit your smile or comfort by living with one or more missing teeth. Dentures can restore your ability to enjoy all activities, from eating to speaking to laughing. 

Call Dr. Bridges and his exceptional dental team right away to take your first step in a new smile.