Sedation Dentistry

profile image of a womanWe all struggle with some fear throughout our lives. At times, avoidance is a reasonable response to fearfulness, but sometimes anxiety can result in a diminished quality of life and health.

Certain fears and anxieties present patients with two choices: live with painful and uncomfortable symptoms or take control of the situation and find a solution. By visiting Smile Station Dental Care, you’ve chosen to find a solution for your anxiety and improve your oral health. Congratulations, and we warmly welcome you to our dental practice.

If you live with dental phobia, you’re not alone. The Journal of the American Dental Association notes that an estimated 20 percent of the population live with extreme dental anxiety that prevents them from seeking the dental treatment they need.

If your dental unease has limited your access to necessary dental care that keeps you healthy, you may be interested in sedation dentistry.

At our Paducah, KY dental office, we never want nervousness to be a problem that keeps you from getting the quality dental care you deserve. Dr. Scott Bridges and his friendly dental team are pleased to offer sedation dentistry to help you relax and remain at ease throughout your dental visit.

Want to Learn More about Sedation Dentistry?

We are always happy to take calls from our patients and answer any questions or concerns, especially if they let us know their needs. Patients are encouraged to come by and visit with us to get to know Dr. Bridges and the rest of our team and take a look around our dental office.

We’ll never go beyond your pace, and we work to keep you comfortable throughout your dental procedure. If we can help minimize your stress, let us know—we’re here to serve you!

Our dental team appreciates how distress can make it difficult to access the care you need, especially if you’ve had a prior bad experience with a dentist or just dislike aspects of the dental cleaning or exam. Paducah dentist, Dr. Bridges, wants to help patients receive high-quality dentistry without any stress.

Millions of Americans avoid the dentist each year, but you don’t need to be one of them.

What Is Sedation Dentistry?

Through sedation, we can administer a drug before dental treatment. Only general anesthesia will render the patient unconscious, but that is typically reserved for surgical procedures and may have long-lasting side effects. 

Other types of sedation dentistry will keep you relaxed but won’t completely knock you out.

  • man smilingNitrous oxide: This is an inhalant that keeps patients in a dream-like and relaxed state during the entire dental procedure. Nitrous wears off almost immediately, so patients can drive themselves home after their appointment. 
  • Oral sedatives: Taken in pill form an hour or so before the dental procedure, oral sedatives keep the anxiety at bay. Patients may feel a little sleepy, but they can still respond to Dr. Bridges.
  • Intravenous sedatives: Taken intravenously, patients can experience a deep and relaxing sleep until it wears off. Some IV sedatives offer a “twilight sleep,” where patients feel sleepy but are generally aware of their surroundings.

At Smile Station Dental Care, we are highly trained in administering sedation so that you can feel completely at rest during your necessary dental procedure. We provide you with excellent dental care through sedation dentistry, from mild nitrous oxide sedation to IV options.

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