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What are the different types of tooth fillings?

At Smile Station Family Dentistry, we know that dentists have used various materials over the years to fill tooth cavities and protect them from further damage. This treatment is essential for your oral health and also your overall well-being. Research shows untreated dental cavities are so frequent that they've become "one of the most prevalent diseases worldwide." Our mission is to treat tooth decay and dental cavities with the best overall dental filling options.

Why We Prefer Tooth-Colored Fillings to Silver Amalgam

Traditionally, dentists would fill a tooth cavity with a silver metallic amalgam because of its availability, durability, and cost-effectiveness. But this material's disadvantages are numerous. First, amalgam may be harder than the tooth it's meant to protect and may cause a tooth to fracture. Second, many people are sensitive to the metals in amalgam and suffer an adverse reaction. But finally, silver fillings darken over time and may be highly visible. As your teeth wear, the filling may show through your tooth enamel, causing your entire smile to appear darker.

In contrast, a tooth-colored filling is made from a hardy composite resin that our dentists may match to your exact tooth shade. This material also requires us to remove less natural tooth material to make room for the filling.

So if you visit our dental office regularly for check-ups and cleanings, and you brush and floss faithfully, your tooth-colored filling in Paducah, KY, can last a decade or longer, and no one will ever see that you had a cavity in the first place.

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