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Why do I need a dental cleaning?

If you brush and floss after every meal and rinse daily, you may think that you don’t need a dental cleaning in Paducah, KY.

However, the American Dental Association suggests two cleanings per year to complement your at-home routine. Without these teeth cleanings, you increase your risks for preventable issues like tooth decay and gum disease.

Of course, we encourage brushing and flossing, but we also let our patients know that your toothbrush and dental floss cannot rid your teeth of stubborn plaque, tartar, and bacteria. Only dental professionals can do this!

Your professional teeth cleaning is a simple, noninvasive, and straightforward treatment. You might even consider it relaxing.

You rest in one of our cozy dental chairs while a friendly hygienist cleans and polishes your teeth using skill and special instruments.

Following your teeth cleaning, feel free to ask our hygienist for any at-home tips. Our team loves educating patients about their oral health and providing sound advice for healthy smiles!

Between our efforts and your at-home routine, you can expect to enjoy a healthy and comfortable smile for life.

Is It Time for Your Professional Teeth Cleaning?

If it’s time for your teeth cleaning in Paducah, reach out to a team member to schedule today.

We serve Paducah, Reidland, Benton, Lone Oak, Mayfield, Heath, and your location.

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