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How often should I floss?

The American Dental Association (ADA) and your Paducah dentist both recommend flossing once per day. Flossing after meals is fine if you feel you need to remove food particles from in between your teeth; however, one focused session of flossing all of your teeth per day is also sufficient. Also, flossing at night before bed is a great habit to get into. 

Flossing Technique Matters

Flossing your teeth with the correct technique is important for removing the plaque buildup from between your teeth that cause cavities. Start with about 18 inches of floss and keep one to two of those inches taut between your fingers. Next, move the floss gently in between teeth in a c-shape around the teeth on either side. Finally, use a clean piece of floss in between each tooth.

If you need a demonstration of proper flossing techniques, your dental hygienist would be happy to show you during your preventive teeth cleaning.

Having a good, consistent home care routine is the best way to protect your smile and dental health and help you avoid problems like tooth decay, cavities, and gum disease.

Visiting your dentist every six months for professional teeth cleanings and checkups will also help you protect your smile.

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