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How long does teeth bonding last?

Teeth bonding is a popular cosmetic dentistry procedure Dr. Bridges offers to fix various dental issues. While the results of teeth bonding are not permanent, they can last for several years with proper care. 

On average, teeth bonding will last for 3-10 years before it needs to be repaired or replaced. How long the bonding lasts will depend on a few factors, including the type of bonding material used, the severity of your dental issue, and how well you take care of your bonded teeth. 

Our dental bonding in Paducah, KY, treats crooked, chipped, stained, and gapped teeth with a filling material color-matched to your teeth. Many patients love this economical alternative to porcelain veneers. 

The Nitty Gritty on Dental Bonding

We think it's important to mention that the dental issue you are correcting will also affect how long your bonded teeth will last. For example, if you have a small chip repaired, your bonded teeth will likely last for quite some time. However, if you have multiple teeth bonded to close significant gaps, then your bonded teeth may only last for a few years before it needs replacement.

Additionally, how well you take care of your bonded teeth will affect how long they last. Brushing and flossing regularly to prevent plaque and bacteria from building up on your teeth is essential. You should also avoid chewing on hard objects, such as ice cubes and hard candy, and using your teeth as tools (e.g., opening bottles, biting nails, tearing open a package). A nightguard can protect your dentistry (and your natural teeth) if you grind your teeth at night.

It's All About Proper Care

Although not permanent, bonding can last for several years with proper care. If you take good care of your bonded teeth, they will last for many years before they need to be replaced or repaired.

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