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How can I tighten my dentures?

Dentures restore missing teeth to allow patients to speak, eat, and smile without issue. While they are designed to fit securely, they can loosen over time as your jaw bone changes shape. 

Why Do Dentures Become Loose?

The most common reason for loose dentures is bone resorption, which is when your jaw bone starts to recede without a tooth root to anchor it.

Another common reason is normal wear and tear or not taking good care of your dental prosthetics. It's important to remove them every night and to keep them in a glass of water or dental solution. Chewing on hard substances can also damage dentures over time.

Tightening Your Loose Dentures

The best way to keep your dentures feeling fit is through strong denture adhesives. Yet, this should not be a long-term solution since your dentures are designed to fit in your mouth without needing adhesives.

The best option is calling Smile Station Dental Care to book an appointment with Dr. Scott Bridges to fix your dentures. Your Paducah dentist can adjust and reline your dentures to be a perfect fit again. If your bone is changing shape rapidly, you may need to see Dr. Bridges more frequently for on-going adjustments.

If you cannot see your dentist immediately, you can hold it in place with a strong adhesive, which will help prevent it from moving around in your mouth. Before applying the adhesive to your denture, make sure it does not contain zinc because too much can cause health problems, especially if you eat a zinc-rich diet.

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